Griot Arrivals Legacy Project

brand story development

Client: Arrivals Legacy Project

Challenge: A newly-formed inter-arts not-for-profit wanted to relaunch a website that would speak to potential funders and clients.

Project: I worked with the small team to clarify their vision, mission and values and worked with the designer on creating the visual brand. I also created copy and content for the website alongside the web designer.

Promotional Copywriting

Client: Janet McNish, Counsellor & Coach

Challenge: To develop the tone of voice and copy for a printed leaflet and email marketing for a workshop for women within a tight timescale.

Project: We met with the client to define the her goals for the workshop. We developed the tone of voice and provided a template for future workshops. We also advised on ways to target email marketing and blogging.

content planning

Client: legacy business school

Challenge: Nimisha Brahmbhatt, founder of The Legacy Business School, needed standout promotional web copy and content to attract a new cohort of budding and seasoned entrepreneurs to an intensive online training and mentoring programme.

Project: We identified her primary social platforms and we worked together on a content marketing plan to promote the programme, including a series of blog posts, a sales page, and social content. As a result, her list grew by over 200 followers.

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