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As small and medium-sized enterprises, you understand the need to connect with and reach people.
But you may lack the resources to recruit internal expertise to effectively communicate your impact.

Griot Communications will help you to:

get your brand recognised

get your cause supported

convey the benefits of your services or products

Brand and digital stories

People connect with authentic stories, whether it’s stories of your end users, your staff and volunteers, your organisation – or you. Griot can help with case studies and interviews, annual reviews and data stories.

Website content writing

Writing for the web is about more than snappy words. You need to be able to grab the attention of Google and your readers. We can help you create seamless web copy that speaks to your readers and moves them to take action.

Editorial copy and content

Having relevant, high-quality, compelling content, such as blog posts or e-books, will keep you in your clients' sights as an organisation that’s ahead of the curve. We write from your perspective, giving voice to your brand.

Marketing copy

Effective sales and marketing copy, both on and offline, is crucial to growing your business. We can write headers, taglines that lift off the page and deliver results for your business.

Strategy & project management

Need help to plan and share your stories? We work with you to help you plan and develop your content, and stay on target.

Training & workshops

We offer training and workshops to equip you to find and share your authentic stories and effectively communicate your impact, using a variety of storytelling principles and techniques.

Ready to put the spark back into your content?

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